28 Oct

Tools that used in combination with an air compressor

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools available on the market and buying one head on without any prior knowledge is like a walk in the maze. Manual tools would require a lot of power on your part and electric tools would require a lot of money on your part. And I am sure that you will not like either of them. Here are some better alternatives: air tools. What are they and how can you use them. Let’s look into the matter.

What are air tools?best-air-tools

Air tools are just like normal tools but they run on compressed air, drawing power from an air compressor. They are a bit more expensive than manual tools but a lot more powerful, so the trade-off is well worth the money. Therefore, you need to have an air compressor first before buying and using these powerful tools. Click here for some of our review of some of the best air compressors on the market right now.

Morre infor mation about air tool https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pneumatic_tool

The tools

First, the inflator. This tool will help you inflate anything that is inflatable, i.e tires, mattress, your child’s lifesaver, etc. Forget about the traditional inflator with the continuous and manual up and down movement of the pump. That is only enough for small projects and that’s it. Get this inflator instead to save you all the hassle and time.

Second of all, the drill. While there are electric drills on the market, they are more expensive that air one, a lot more. In addition, electric drills will overheat if used for prolonged period of time. Therefore, if you don’t want to run into any of these problems, get an air drill instead.


Next is orbital sander. You could buy an electric one, which, as I said above would be expensive. Not only that, it would tire your hands very quickly. Another way to do it is to use sand paper, which requires a lot of muscle and a lot of time, which I find very boring and tiring. Buy an air sander and all of the problems above will be solved instantly.

In addition to that, paint sprayer. A manual paint job requires lots of skills and patience and you may not have any of that. You want it done most quickly and most effortlessly as possible, which makes the air paint sprayer your perfect companion. Get creative and remember to wear safety mask to avoid inhaling any particles of the paint

Another tool worth mentioning is the blower. Capable of blowing out continuous streams of pressurized air and a lot less cumbersome than a vacuum, this tool will make cleaning debris out of hard to reach place an easy task. It will also render traditional sweeping obsolete.

Lastly, an impact wrench. The torque of the manual wrench depends some part on the design of the wrench and mostly on you. With an air-powered wrench, however, it is guaranteed to deliver 700 lb-ft of torque regardless of your physical health. Even the heavy repair job can become child’s play with this iconic air-tool.


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