28 Oct

Tips to choose the best automatic cat feeder?


your-catA long business trip will make you nervous of your beloved cats at home. You can not stay around to take care of them, even your housemate can’t guarantee to do that. For these reasons, the automatic cat feeder was created in order to make sure your cats have enough food at a specific time. There are a plenty of cat feeders available on the market and it’s very hard for you to choose the right one for your cats. To solve this issue, in this article, we will show you how to pick the best automatic cat feeder that suits your cats needs.

Your cat is lovely fat

I love big fat cats. They are so lovely that everyone desires to give a warm hug to them. However, obesity is not good for their health. It would be very necessary to put them into a strict diet. In order to do that, a feeder with a timer is the best choice. This useful device is able to set a specific schedule in which you can decide how many times per day your cats will eat Additionally, you will need a feeder with minimal food dispensing ability which allows you to distribute a small amount of food at a time. Therefore, you can decide how many calories that your cat will absorb each time. For example, a good amount of food for fat cats are about 90 grams daily, and they eat three times a day, so the feeder should be able to deliver 30 grams of food each time. One more important notice is the feeder should have a good “defender” which is able to protect the nozzle system against your little gourmands.

Your cat eating speed is too fcat-unlock-the-feedast

How to deal with the cats which eat too fast? You will need a proper automatic cat feeder which is able to deliver one food pellet at a single time. In the cat terminology, specialists call this machine a toy feeder. This device is designed to release a specific amount of food at a time but it’s not automatic. A toy feeder contains a special dispensing system which is designed based on the gravity and mechanics theories. This tool also haves a manual trigger where the user can pull it or push it with the aim of delivering the food.

If you have no time to teach your cat’s royal eating style, a special automatic cat feeder would help. This particular device features a wireless tag which links to your cats’ collar, therefore, identifies the eating speed of your cat. Wireless Whiskers is the best automatic cat feeder which suits your high speed eating cats.

Your cat can unlock the feeder easily

In case you have smart cats which can easily break a nozzle system when it’s hungry, you will need to find an automatic cat feeder which has a very good “armor’’ in order to control your cat aggressiveness.

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